Made For TV

Enjoy your favourite shows with clarity as they connect wirelessly to your ears. You could even turn up the volume to your hearing aids independently to the TV so you can always enjoy your favourite shows with your loved ones.

Made for iPhone

nessa smart hearing aids are also co-designed with Apple to ensure outstanding sound quality and integrated controls right from your iPhone. Seamlessly connect to your hearing aids to your iPhone and experience clearer conversations.

World firsts by nessa

Quality smart hearing aids

nessa hearing aids are made in Denmark and co-designed with Apple. Now you can seamlessly connect to your TV and iOS devices for crystal clear sound quality.


Easy and affordable

Easily reconnect with your loved ones at affordable monthly instalment plans. With our commitment-free trial, you can experience nessa smart hearing before subscribing.

Simple and convenient

Let us tune and adjust your hearing aids from the comfort of your home so you can save your time for the more important moments.

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Let us know how to help you!

Does your loved one often miss what you’re saying or ask you to repeat yourself, turn the TV up too loud, or seem to have difficulty following conversations in a group or noisy environment?
All these could be signs of hearing loss.

Arrange for a hearing test with our professional audiologists, or find out how your loved one can benefit from nessa made-for-TV and made for iPhone hearing aids.

Have you been prescribed hearing aids but find that they are uncomfortable, big and bulky and sub-quality?  You deserve better!

nessa hearing aids are small, comfortable and made in Denmark. Our hearing aids have amazing connectivity to smart phones & TVs, so you can keep living the life you enjoy.  Some of our products even have remote support features, which means you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your home for professional assistance with your hearing aid.

Have you taken a hearing test, but unsure where to start on your journey to healthy hearing? 88% of hearing aid users say their lives have been improved.

Try our hearing aids and reconnect with your loved ones today.


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nessa hearing aids are made in Denmark and co-designed with Apple for quality in both product and sound.

Now with a commitment-free trial,
experience crystal clear smart hearing today.

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