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Our story

nessa is a company born with an intrinsic purpose: to help people connect with their five senses, in particular hearing.

We believe it is a shame to miss the gentle caress of the wind in the leaves, the peaceful sound of the waves or a soothing ”I love you”, whispered amorously. We want people to fully embrace what life has to offer – the sights and sounds that move our soul.

Our passion for life drives and inspires us to create a new perception for an age-old problem by democratizing
hearing. We are all about facilitating a lifestyle that’s almost a birthright, for your loved ones and for you.

Hearing is joy

Hearing is energising

Hearing is peaceful & smart

We made it our passion to enable you to create effortless and joyful memories.
Don’t let your beautiful world go silent. Reconnect, with loved ones and friends, and with everything else that is
so much a part of your daily life. We believe this makes the world a better place.

nessa. Naturally Smart.

What we do

To help you reconnect with your five senses and improve your hearing, nessa offers a complete solution –
made-in-Denmark smart hearing aids, professional support and access to a network of hearing centres in your neighbourhood.

It’s not all about a hearing aid.

We believe in a holistic approach to helping you reconnect with all that’s important to you. Thanks to the passion
we have to help those with hearing loss, we harness the best of technology in our products to give great value to our customers.

This includes making the entire journey on nessa very enjoyable and convenient. So you’ll get moved by music,
be entertained with videos and experience the most important things in life.

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      Our mission is centered around what makes your lives better, simpler and easier.