Michael Tan

It is with absolute delight that I share with you how much my hearing ability has improved with a pair of hearing aids from nessa. I had also taken up a trial with another typical hearing-aid supplier. It certainly was not very enjoyable to have to sit around and wait for your turn at the clinic and the number of times that I had to go in and consult the audiologist and have the trial pair of hearing-aid calibrated and tweaked for comfort, was quite off-putting. It certainly was a pleasant change to have the nessa team come and visit me in the comfort of my own office and/or home at a convenient time of my choice.

The nessa team is very knowledgeable, understood customer concerns and provides considerate and reliable attention, visited me several times to switch models, tweak the calibration, change the domes and address many other nitty-gritties to ensure the correct and ideal aids were selected and maximal comfort achieved.

Trying on a pair of hearing-aids can be a very stressful experience. The alien feeling of having something placed in your ears, felt initially unnatural and uncomfortable. Through nessa’s patience in explaining the various stages of adaptation however, and in helping to address the little things that make a huge difference to the experience, nessa has won over my initial cynicism and I am very happy to endorse both the business model and the high client service level.

Thank you nessa!