Foods that can contribute to Healthy Hearing

Foods that can contribute to Healthy Hearing

When we were young children, we were constantly reminded to eat many vitamins and minerals daily. Your parents didn’t nag you for no reason; there are many benefits of eating a healthy diet, one of which is promoting healthy hearing. Read on to find out which foods may help with hearing loss, ear infections and tinnitus!


Potassium serves many different purposes in our body from regulating blood pressure to reducing mood swings and fatigue. In our ear, potassium is needed to regulate the fluid in the inner ear. As we age, potassium levels in our inner ear start to decrease, which results in the nervous system not able to convert the sounds into signals and contributes to hearing loss.

Foods rich in Potassium: Bananas, potatoes, salmon, yogurt and hydrate yourself with coconut water.


Magnesium is essential in protecting our ears from loud noises and more importantly from tinnitus. We are constantly surrounded by different types of noises from traffic on the street to watching television with your family. However long, repeated exposure to loud sound sounds can damage the delicate hair cells, causing noise-induced hearing loss. Some research shows that magnesium has a protective property on the hair cells and potentially reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Foods rich in Magnesium: Leafy vegetables like Kale, Kang Kong and Kai-lan, avocados, black beans, salmon, tuna, nuts and tofu

Folate/Folic acid:

Foods such as Spinach is high in folate, which contributes to maintaining proper blood flow. Better blood circulation increases oxygenation to the inner ear hearing organ to maintain optimal hearing health. Some studies suggest that folate may also improve tinnitus, as well as sudden and age-related hearing loss. Other foods to indulge in is asparagus, enriched cereals/ bread/pasta, and beans.


In a study done in 2016 showed that those who developed tinnitus and hearing loss also had a deficiency of B12. Vegetarians and vegans are in higher risk of hearing loss due to not being able to eat meat and dairy produce. For vegans and vegetarians, there are some breakfast cereals and plant-based milk such as soy milk that is high in B12.

Besides maintaining a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals that can help ear health, if you have hearing loss, you could consider a hearing aid trial with us!