Healthy Hearing

Not treating hearing loss could be hazardous

There are physical and psychological consequences not to treat hearing loss. These consequences can be much more important than simply not hearing well. It has been scientifically proven that hearing loss can be linked to depression, social isolation, paranoia and personality changes.

Additionally when not hearing properly, risks of falling are higher. And the more severe the hearing loss, the more likely falling becomes. Dementia is also highly correlated to hearing loss: US studies show that nine patients affected with dementia out of 10 have hearing loss. Likely reason is that hearing loss leads to more isolation which leads to faster cognitive decline.

The best time to consult and wearing hearing aid

The medical community agrees that hearing aids should be fitted as long as the person with hearing loss feels young enough to be motivated to leverage the benefits of hearing aids.

When we grow older, there could be changes in the inner ear which may cause hearing loss. The loss may be slow and gradual and could be mild or severe, but unfortunately, always permanent.

How to remove stigmas around hearing loss?

nessa conducted more than 2,000 surveys in Singapore to ask people about their hearing loss and their lifestyles. Results show that hearing aids are still perceived as a stigma, as being too big and being very expensive.

nessa designed its packages exactly to address these concerns and to help people overcome these stigmas and negative thoughts about hearing aids.

Hearing aids improve life of people having hearing loss:

90% of hearing aid users report improvements in their quality of life

Hearing aids are not big:

our hearing aids are so small, others will barely notice them.

Hearing aids can be expensive

nessa understands this concern and offers monthly instalment plans with certain credit cards

When nessa reads this extract from Katherine Bouton, we could only fully agree and be fully supportive: ‘Healthy hearing means healthier ageing. Healthier ageing is happier living’.

Extracts from Katherine Bouton. LIVING BETTER WITH HEARING LOSS – A Guide to Health, Happiness, Love, Sex, Work, Friends… and Hearing Aids.

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