Best Hearing Aids in Singapore

nessa is proud to offer you the best hearing aids in Singapore and professional support to adapt to your hearing devices smoothly.
You’re never alone on your hearing journey!

Made For TV

Our smart hearing aids are specially designed not just for conversations, but also for TV. With a free TV streamer, crystal clear stereo sound is fed wirelessly to you from up to 7 metres away. You could even turn up the volume to your hearing aids independently to the TV so you can always enjoy your favourite shows with your loved ones.

Made for iPhone

Created in partnership with Apple, ReSound smart hearing aids ensure outstanding sound quality and integrated controls right from your iPhone. Seamlessly connect to your hearing aids to your iPhone and experience clearer conversations. Adjust the volume, select environmental presets and glance at the battery status without relying on additional remotes.

Hearing Aid Types

A Hearing aid is a small, electronic device that is an effective, proven solution to treating hearing loss.  It can be worn behind the ear or in the ear canal.  A hearing aid is customized to your individual hearing profile and is fitted by a hearing care professional.

There are different types of hearing aids, depending on your hearing needs, lifestyle and preferences.  The hearing aids we have available include:

Receiver in Ear (RIE)

Behind the Ear (BTE)

Completely in Canal (CIC)

Invisible in Canal (IIC)

In the Canal (ITC)

In the Ear (ITE)

If you are new to hearing aids, we suggest signing up for a hearing aid trial with us.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

Our most advanced and first hearing aid with rechargeable technology, the LiNX Quattro provides unmatched sound quality in all environments and during streaming on your devices.  With the longest lasting battery life and remote assistance, the hearing aids you deserve have finally arrived.


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ReSound LiNX 3D Hearing Aid
With ReSound LiNX 3D, you’ll be better at identifying speech in noise and be able to hear more sounds around you in a clear and natural way.  First ReSound hearing aids with remote assistance.  Great for those with active lifestyles!

ReSound LiNX2 Hearing Aid
ReSound LiNXincludes essential 2.4GHz wireless benefits such as ear-to-ear communication and is made for iPhone connectivity alongside smart ReSound technologies for effortless hearing.  Concentrate on the people you want to talk and listen to, even in noisy environments.

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