What is the average price of a good hearing aid?

At Nessa, we have different hearing aids and packages to suit different lifestyles, budgets and hearing needs.  Our prices range from $1,800/$2,000 to $7,000 per hearing aid.  Our hearing aids are made in Denmark from one of the world’s largest and most reputable manufacturers and produced according to stringent regulations.  Our hearing aids contain sophisticated technology that allow you to hear the best and most natural sound quality, reduce background noise and pair to your devices and apps.

Why is there a such a range in hearing aid pricing?

During your appointment, our Audiologists will be able to recommend a hearing aid for your individual needs.  In the meantime, here are some considerations on pricing:

  • The price per hearing aid is typically less when you buy two hearing aids instead of one.
  • Generally, the more technologically advanced a hearing aid is, the higher the price. If you lead an active lifestyle and encounter different environments, (for example if you are often outdoors, or go to restaurants or meetings) a hearing aid with higher technology level will suit you better.
  • Hearing aids with specific features like smartphone compatibility or remote assistance may cost more
  • We recommend that you consider other factors beyond price when selecting a hearing aid – most important is that you select a hearing aid that suits your needs.


We believe that good quality hearing aids can positively impact your quality of life and relationships.  The value of that?  Priceless!

Our mission is centered around what makes your lives better, simpler and easier.