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Meet the team

Olivier Carnohan

Chief Executive Officer

I am professionally curious! My insatiable curiosity has led me to question several established industries such as Financial Services, Education and now Healthcare. I have assembled a team of extraordinary mates to embark on a courageous journey to disrupt an industry most of us know nothing about: Hearing Aids. Curious about what drives me? I believe in connecting people, either across continents or across the room. I am moved by a desire to deploy technology as a force for mutual understanding across cultures and generations. As a teenaged Boy Scout, I have learned that I do not inherit the earth from my parents, I am borrowing it from my children. Therefore, it is my duty to leave behind a more peaceful and sustainable environment.

My name is Olivier and I am the Chief Executive Officer of nessa.

Helder Araujo

Chief Operating Officer

As an Audiologist, I’m an expert on all things related to hearing science. And more importantly, I’m the person who makes sure you enjoy life at full volume. Keith Rabois best described my role when he said: “The COO at a start-up is like a doctor in an emergency room, constantly fixing things, triaging and diagnosing issues to determine if they are minor or potentially fatal.” I keep the company’s high-level strategy front-and-centre while understanding the details of day-to-day execution to ensure what needs to happen does happen. My love for technology, in particular in the audio field, is both a passion and a hobby and although my role with Nessa is somewhat amorphous, more often than not, I’ve been known to wear a “geeky” hat.

My name is Helder and I am the Chief Operating Officer of nessa.

Eddy Chan

Chief Technology Officer

Technology is the great enabler – I believe it will help us unlock the beauty of sound again. From something as simple as hearing a voice again through to predicting when the right sound is needed. Through better connected wearables, we will have better connected customers. For me, Nessa is about bringing hope back to people’s lives. I want Nessa to be associated with hope – hope for better hearing, hope for a better day and simply, hope for a better life. As the resident techie, my task is to look after Nessa’s digital services, making sure they are all connected together and working without a hitch.

My name is Eddy and I am the Chief Technical Officer of nessa.

Ogan Gurel, MD

Acting Chief Medical Officer

“How can we make things better?” has been the unifying theme of my life. Of course, as a medical doctor this is a central mission: by preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease, “How can we make people’s lives better?” And as a scientist, I am always thinking, “How can we understand Nature better?” Likewise as a businessperson, “How to create better value for people and society” is the abiding question. All these “hats” — doctor, scientist, businessperson — come together in my role as Acting Chief Medical Officer to help Nessa apply its innovative technologies and business models to “make better” one of the most important (and increasing) health and wellbeing challenges of our time. As a devoted optimist and “improveist” I believe that the world can be a better place and that we should, in our myriad ways, strive towards that goal.

My name is Ogan and I am the Acting Chief Medical Officer of nessa.

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